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About me


My name is Arely Olmedo Robles and I am part of the Latinx community, first generation community, and the indigenous community. The immigrant experience has greatly affected me and influenced my dreams as it taught me first hand the struggles immigrants enudure in their journey.  Coming from a family full of immigrants, we often struggled to find a community in a place where we felt we didn't belong. Through this struggle, I found my way back to the roots of my ancestors. I am a Danzante (Aztec Dancer) representing Ollin Anahuac and it was through danza that I learned the importance of community and preserving our culture and roots. Additionally, I am a part of the Ethnic Justice Social Justice Academy and it was through this space that I further developed my interest in ethnic studies and social justice. Me joining the academy resulted in this project :)

I chose this topic because it is an ongoing issue affecting my community. Many community members that have lived here for generations have been displaced due to gentrification and so it is up to the ones remaining to help preserve our community. I am interested in this social issue because I know a lot of people in my life that have ties with the farm and although I don’t have direct ties, I drive by the farm every day and I love seeing the corn fields and all other crops they grow. I think it's a beautiful space that enriches our community. This connects to my life because it's part of my community that's being ripped apart and goes to show that the city doesn’t value the community and what it has to offer. 

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